Easy Financing

Easily Finance your Armadillo Teardrop Camper

Armadillo teardrops are easy to finance, we work closely with Trailer Solutions Financial (TSF) as a third-party financing vendor for customers wishing to finance their purchases. TSF has many financial options to meet the needs of our customers. Loans are available with a small 10% down payment to customers with credit scores as low as 550. Interest rates and payment terms will vary with each customer depending on their financial application details. TSF can provide loans for camper sale amounts as low as $7500.00. Visit Trailer Solutions Financial for Easy Financing.

Their loan applications are easy to fill out and their response time for approval decisions are normally calculated in hours not days. We can assist you on the application process to further simplify financing.

Our campers are assigned a unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), this simplifies financing and insurability, the VIN will also provide easy title transfer if you decide to trade or sell your camper at a later date.  Most banks and lenders will not provide lending on vehicles without a VIN.

Many auto insurance policies on your current vehicle will cover your trailer when in tow if it has a VIN, insurance companies will not normally insure for losses for shop-built campers lacking a 17-digit VIN. Lenders will require insurance coverage specific to your loan requirements during the pay-off term, obtaining insurance on our campers is not a difficult process.

Trailer Solutions Financial

Trailer Solutions Financial