Frequently Asked Questions

What is new for all 2020 camper models?

Composites, Composites and more Composites!

The new composite Tejas and Vaquero models all benefit from our recent adoption of composite and aluminum as a core building material.   Composites are stronger, lightweight, and don’t rot, split or delaminate like plywood teardrops.  Composites add a little extra cost over wood-based campers, but the benefits are massive compared to adding a little extra in using superior products and building methods.  The longevity and easy maintenance of our composite camper models are light years ahead of outdated plywood building techniques.  Absolutely and positively the best improvement in our line of campers!  Our cabins exterior floor, walls and roofing are 100% composite, in the event of a window, door or roof vent accidentally left open in a rainstorm is not “major panic event”.  Simply blot up liquids, plywood can absorb liquids, delaminate, swell and absorb odors.   Composite does not!  Our composite campers are impervious to water, clean and maintenance free.

Q. Will Armadillo build Custom trailers?  What if I have my own design?

A. Many of our customers have fantastic ideas for custom trailer builds.   Unfortunately, we operate automated production equipment, which does not facilitate one of a kind campers.  We do offer several options for each of our trailer models for customer customization needs.

Q. Will Armadillo provide special requests for installing customer furnished equipment or labor/design of minor customizing details?

A. Yes, we can provide minor requests for small customizations or equipment installations provided by customers.  All requested changes are considered and quoted to customers based on our standard shop labor rate of $85.00 per hour plus materials needed to complete your request.  Please keep in mind that adding or deleting features can be time consuming, especially if CNC production drawings changes are required to complete the request.

Q. How do I place an order for a trailer?

A. Armadillo trailers are available to Texas residents through our exclusive Dealer: Hill Country Outdoor Store located in Pipe Creek, Texas.  Out of State customers can be ordered directly from Armadillo Teardrops.  For special reserved trailers, we require a non-refundable 10% deposit before we begin production on an order specially reserved for you.  In lieu of a production deposit we will accept a written Qualifying Finance Commitment letter from your lender and a completed delivery purchase contract signed by the customer and Armadillo.  The remaining balance is due prior to shipment or at the time of delivery.  Production does not begin on an order until pre-arranged financing or a deposit is received, and a completed build specification sheet is in place with all added options. Once the deposit is received, our production staff begins production on the trailer and it is assigned a VIN number.  Your camper will be in your hands and ready to camp in an expedited manner.

Q. Which model is right for me?

A. Armadillo builds two unique models for customers.   Our Tejas “Grande” is our largest lightweight camper with a 5’x10’ camper cabin footprint.  It can be towed by most vehicles on American/Canadian improved highways.  It has a curb weight of 1095 lbs. +/-.  Check your vehicle towing specifications for your vehicle tow weight rating?

We also build the “Vaquero”, our lightest and smallest trailer, weighing only 440 lbs. +/- (depending on configuration), it can be pulled by just about anything, we even have customers who configure them for motorcycle towing.  The Vaquero has approximated interior measurements of 86” L x 46.5” W x 39” H.  If you are in Bear Country the hard-sided design is extra protection, so you can sleep soundly and safely.   Click here for complete specifications and pictures.   Do you tow with a Volt, Prius, or Smart Car or want to configure it for a motorcycle?  Consider the “Vaquero” lightweight camper.

We also build the Vaquero in a 60” wide configuration, check out the 2020 Model Comparison Chart.

Q. Does Armadillo build other models in addition to the Tejas and Vaquero?

A. As of 2020 we only build the Tejas Grande and the Vaquero (48” and 60” widths).  We do have plans in 2020 to introduce and build a single occupant version of the Vaquero which is 40” in width and has all the same features as our currently produced Vaquero.

Q. What makes an Armadillo unique?

A. Armadillo is committed to our customers, we work hard from the initial design to the finished product, to provide you with a product that will last you for years and hold value for resale.  In a “nut shell” we build a Quality Camper.   We have designs that are timeless, and are produced with our commitment to Safety, Style, and Performance.

  • Our camper models do not have undersized tires and wheels which are real benefits when traveling long distances at safe highway speeds. The Tejas “Grande” is standard equipped with 14” Radials, while the Vaquero is standard with 13” Radial tires and wheels.  If you need larger tires, it’s usually no problem, we use 5×4.5 lug patterns on all trailers.
  • We offer an option for electric brakes on the Tejas.
  • Our trailers come standard with extra protection for campers, hard sides, locking doors with a deadbolt and controlled ventilation options via windows and a standard A/C/Heating unit standard with all Tejas camper units.  AC/Heat is optional for the Vaquero 48” and 60” models.
  • We use composite materials on our exterior cabin components.

Q. How much maintenance is needed to service and maintain an Armadillo?

  • VERY LITTLE! Our campers start with a composite core and feature 100% Aluminum exteriors.
  • Mainly, Inspection of wheel bearings and tires on a scheduled basis
  • All our models are SIMPLE to keep clean maintain.

Q. Can I finance my Armadillo Camper Purchase?

A. In most cases YES! with approved credit and a small down payment. We do not directly finance your purchase, we work with a third party National Lender and assist you in the financing process. In most cases customers wishing to finance, can receive approval with Credit Scores with as little as a 530 rating. Rates and required down payments are set depending on an applicant’s credit rating. Persons with solid credit score normally receive a competitive interest rate and require a 10% down payment only. Options for lengths of repayment are available with no pre-payment penalties. Keep in mind loan amounts are not available for campers under $7500 from our lender.

Q. Will my trailer need a license plate and how do I register my camper in my state?

A. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or Licensing authority regarding state-specific laws. Most states require some form of a license tag, but a few don’t.

Texas resident only, our dealer will collect license/titling fees, state motor vehicle taxes and make your initial county registration in Bandera County. The following year it will renew in your county of residence.

Out of State buyers: All Armadillo campers are furnished with an MSO/MCO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin) which includes pertinent trailer info including your unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) we are listed on the WMI (World Manufacturing Index), we also provide customers a detailed dealer sales invoice, these two combined documents are used in your resident state to register your trailer. If your state does not require registration or license plate, be sure to keep your MSO in the event you sell your trailer in the future outside your state or you relocate to a state that does require license plates. The MSO/MCO simplifies the sale or transfer if the trailer has never been registered.

Q. Will my vehicle or motorcycle warranty be void if I tow a trailer?

A. NO, customers are afforded protection from voided warranties under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. This act was written and defined to “improve the adequacy of information available to customers, prevent deception, and improve competition in the marketing of consumer products…”

  1. The presence of aftermarket parts does not void a warranty or warranty service.
  2. In cases where a failed aftermarket part is the reason for a warranty claim, the vehicle manufacturer must arrange a settlement with the customer, but by law, the new-vehicle warranty is not voided.
  3. The only time a new vehicle warranty can be voided is if an installed aftermarket product can be proven without a doubt, that it is responsible for the warranty claim.
  4. The act only applies to consumer products which can be defined as tangible personal property, regardless of how the product distributed in commerce is used by the individual buyer.
  5. The act does not apply to oral warranties; only written warranties are covered
  6. The act does not apply to warranties on services, only goods are covered, unless both the parts and workmanship in making that repair are covered by the warranty

Q. What size ball does the trailer require for towing?

The Tejas and Vaquero require a 2” ball, the 48” Vaquero has an option for a swivel coupler, utilizing a 1-7/8” ball.

Q. Can you ship customers a camper and what is the cost?

A. We offer free delivery within a 250 miles distance from San Antonio, Texas. For distances greater than 250 miles contact us for delivery options. We will arrange delivery or accommodate customer pick up at our facility.

Q. Are rental trailers available?

A. Yes, please contact us, at times we do keep models for rental.

Q. What is the tongue towing height and what are the associated curb weights? 

A. Tejas = 17”, Vaquero = 13-15” +/- (Vaquero can be equipped with adjustable height axles, by request)

Tejas Grande = 1095 lbs. +/-, Vaquero 48” = 440 lbs. +/- (empty weight), Vaquero 60” = 550 lbs. +/-

Q. How are Armadillo campers ventilated or climate controlled?

A. The Tejas and Vaquero models all have options for a 12 Volt Powered Multi Speed Ceiling Fan/Roof Vent.  In addition, as standard equipment Tejas campers are equipped with a tongue mounted Air Conditioner with heat and cooling (5000 btu).

All models are pre-wired and prepared for adding a roof vent with a power fan.

The Vaquero, our smallest and most lightweight camper also has an option for a tongue mounted Air conditioner with heat and cooling (2500 btu)

Q. Are sinks, toilets and showers available as options?   

A. The Tejas has an option for a portable toilet device.   If camping alone this feature is extremely handy as it can be secured in the entry area for easy access, for multiple campers sharing the camper, the portable toilet can be moved to an exterior quick pop-up tent for privacy and convenience.  Currently, we do not offer a built-in water system for a sink but do have an exterior removable sink option.

We have designed the Tejas Grande and Vaquero for comfort camping with the main goal of keeping the camper lightweight for easy towing.  The cabins are roomy but is not large enough to accommodate a shower/sink/water system.  We recommend using an external pop up type convenience tent for portable shower units.

Our Vaquero model is a compact and lightweight camper/sleeper with a rear hatch galley.  A portable toilet can also be transported in the cabin area for external use and convenience.

Q. What about preparing meals in my camper?

The Tejas comes standard with a microwave, it is also having an option for fitted Camp Chef Oven/Cooktop with an external table attachment for meal preparations.  Baking and Cooktop meals are limitless.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast anyone?

Vaqueros are designed to be lightweight and provisioned with a rear Galley and lockable lightweight access door.  Vaquero owners can conveniently add their own preference of cooking equipment, we have designed the basics for a functional galley arrangement including a small storage cabinet and counter space.  We do offer an option for a single burner stainless steel propane cooktop mounted on a convenient swivel.

Q. Are exterior finish colors available beyond white?

The Tejas is currently only available in white exteriors, each Tejas comes standard with our custom designed graphics.  The Tejas white exterior offers extra protection from heat absorption.

Vaquero 48” models are available in exterior wall and roof colors options.  Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Light Blue are standard stocked colors, other colors are available for special order requests.  There is a slight increase in price for color options.

Vaquero 60” models are available with wall only color options.  Due to the 5’ width of the trailers w utilizes 60” aluminum composite materials, available only in white.

Q. What finishes are available for interior walls, floor and headliner?

A. Both the Tejas and the Vaquero models are constructed with white composite core materials.  Cabin walls and floors are a finished smooth white composite material. Headliners are lightweight and light colored composite material.   The Tejas entry floor area is constructed with a hard surface high pressure laminate applied to the composite core, this hard finish laminate provides extra protection for the entry floor to prevent foot traffic damage.

Q. Are there storage cabinets in the teardrop models?

A. YES!  The Armadillo Vaquero and the Tejas cabinets are white ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) Cabinets utilize top hinged composite doors for access.  The Vaquero utilizes a handy light weight fixed ACP countertop with hinged access door to the foot area of the cabin, this makes loading and unloading payload more convenient.

In addition to the built in cabinets of Tejas, we include two large roll in-out (removable) clear plastic storage bins with lids, the bins slide and lock under the bed frame.  These provide a great storage area for organizing and keeping food, cooking equipment and other camping supplies.

Q. Do Armadillo models include a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

A. YES!  Armadillo Campers are listed on the WMI (World Manufacturer Index).  Each one of our trailers are built with unique VIN numbers.  VIN numbers are important.  A VIN has several benefits, with the unique number our trailers are provided a little extra protection in the event identification is needed in theft situations.   A VIN also simplifies insurance requirements of insuring a camper for financing and re-sale. VIN numbers contain specific information about the Manufacturer, place of manufacture, date of manufacture, sequential production number and the trailer size.  A VIN differentiates our trailers from homebuilt manufacturers, trailers with a VIN add value to a camper for resale purposes.  Most lenders will not finance trailers without 17-digit VIN’s and insurance companies will not insure them.  Each trailer is shipped to the buyer or dealer with a unique VIN and MCO (Manufacturer Certificate of Origin).