Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple with Armadillo Camp Trailers

Armadillo Teardrops Tejas Grande Trailer
Tejas Grande 1095 LBS +/-

Ever thought about the word Simple and what meanings the word takes on? A few synonyms: clean, elementary, plain, quiet, smooth, straightforward, and uncomplicated. When we describe something simple, we might say, it’s a cinch, a picnic, a snap, or effortless, easy as pie, child’s play.

Simplicity is often a good thing. Ever gone tent, fifth wheel or car camping and discovered what a hassle taking all your creature comforts with you can become? Setting it all up and taking it all down is time consuming, especially when much of it was never needed anyway, and when you get home, another cleanup. Setting up a teardrop camp and breaking it down requires a fraction of the time compared to conventional camping. Imagine simply opening a cabin or galley door, and your necessities are organized at your fingertips, ready to cook or sleep or simply relax at your camp location. Our two models, the Tejas Grande (5’x10’) and the Vaquero (48”x88”) are designed to let you camp in comfort, travel economically, and keep things simplified.

Armadillo Vaquero Teardrop Trailer 440 LBS
Armadillo Vaquero 440 LBS

With our product you can find your travel fuel mileage increasing to several hundred miles on a $100 fuel fill-up compared to a Fifth Wheel trailer and covering the same distance on several hundred dollars in fuel. Throw in the purchase expense of a heavy-duty diesel tow vehicle to get the fifth wheeler to your destination, Yikes $$$! Not to mention Armadillo owners are capable of camping in places a fifth wheel setup could never go, mainly due to size and weight. There is value in a simple aerodynamic lightweight camper.

Armadillo Teardrops is capable of building just about anything a customer requires into our trailers, but we option for solid simplicity to provide a comfortable home while traveling. An “Easy as Pie” experience is what we try to provide in teardrop equipment for our customers. Take a look back at the synonyms above, you probably can add to the list. Plain, is also in the list of synonyms for Simple. While Simple, our campers are certainly not plain, unless it is associated with uncomplicated.

We strive for simple and uncomplicated, but not at the expense of comfort. Each one of our units is designed for comfort first, which is why we start with a quality covered 5” foam mattresses in all of our campers as a standard provision. Our cabins feature air conditioning. Armadillo owners have the option to keep the AC turned off and utilize natural ventilation from operating windows and an optional powered ceiling vent. During colder months cabin areas can be heated with several heating options.

Teardrop Exterior Composite Sink
Teardrop Exterior Composite Sink

The Tejas and the Vaquero both include a removable exterior composite sink and faucet with a garden hose connected, also included is a flexible drain hose used for gray water drainage into a portable container.

Most camp parks prohibit gray water drainage flow on to natural ground, a portable drain container can be used and emptied at most restroom facilities. If a domestic water supply is not available there are several simple options for fitting a battery or manual operated portable water supply container, in lieu of a garden hose.

If you are looking for a solid built, lightweight, maintenance free and beautiful camper, please consider the Tejas Grande or the Vaquero models.