Special Order Process

Purchase Process for Special OrdersIf you are a Texas resident we are required to distribute our campers through our authorized dealership. Residents of Texas can contact us via Email at armadillocampers@gmail.com or Voice/Text at 210-573-4240. We will arrange purchasing your new camper delivery through Hill Country Outdoor Store our exclusive Texas dealership.Texas residents are required to purchase through our exclusive Texas Franchised Dealership (Hill Country Outdoor Store, the dealership provides all registration requirements, title processing and collects Texas state vehicle sales tax at the time the vehicle is delivered. Out of state customers are not subject to Texas vehicle taxes.

Out of state residents have the option of purchasing directly from our company. Whetheryour location isin orout ofTexas, we can arrange deliveryorfactory/dealership pickup. Each camper is produced with a unique VIN,an MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin)and Manufacturers invoice. These documents allow out of state customers to register and title their campers in their own state of residence.

Armadillo is not a high production manufacturer;we build approximately 4 campers per month.If our campers are not on our dealer showroom, we can arrange a pre-purchase commitment from customers with a projected delivery date at a fixed sales price. Once a camper is in production, we can often deliver a finished product to customers in 3 weeks on our smaller Vaquero trailers and within 4 weeks on our larger Tejas units.

We offer several options for both camper models, the Vaquero is available in numerous colors, the Tejas is available in White only combined with ouradded graphicspackage.

It has been our experience that customers have some great ideasfor customizing campers to their needs. We use digital technology to produce ourcomponentsto produce our affordable and lightweight campers. Custom camper designis a time-consuming processwhich quickly add up in additional camper production costs and delaysour current production assembly process. For this reason,we do notproducecustomcampers.We do provideseveral optional features for both models for your consideration for customers with extra comfort and conveniencerequirements. When possible,we will accommodateand implement minor changes to meet customized customer requests, such as extra arrangements for medical/safety equipment,special access needsor extra comfort requests.