Teardrop Construction

Armadillo Campers are designed and built in the Texas Hill Country, we are located just outside San Antonio, Texas and near Bandera.

Our family of camper customers consistently experience exceptional customer service and camper products that are aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, functional and importantly affordable. We have been providing hard-shelled teardrop campers since 2013.

We are not a high production manufacturer, we build an average of 4 camper units per month, and we are relentless in providing quality and innovation. Company growth is considered good here at Armadillo, but not at the expense of quality or customer service.

Armadillo campers uses advanced technology and equipment to produce our lightweight teardrop models, our camper components for our hard-shelled models are produced here at our production shop.   When using third party components we consider only the most dependable axles, braking systems and electronics.

Our campers are our own, we design and produce lightweight campers here at our location, we do not sub contract our camper production to third party vendors. Most of our camper features have developed and arrived from our testing and via our customers whom actually use our campers. We have had some great ideas and suggestions from our Armadillo Camper family.

We strive to produce campers and camper features you can depend on, this starts with a solid design followed with only quality component materials, with final assembly by staff who really do care about quality. We produce lightweight solid products, not flimsy constructed campers that look good but prematurely deteriorate.

Why our campers deserve your consideration:

  1. Lightweight, we offer models from 425 to 1095 lbs +/-.
  2. Safe towing, models towable with mini cars, compact cars, small vehicles, large vehicles, or motorcycles. Tow with a Harley, Goldwing, Hummer, Pickup, SUV, Passenger Car? We have a model to meet your towing and camping needs.
  3. Long lasting Aluminum Hard-sided teardrop campers.
  4. Our hard shelled exteriors offer extra safety while camping in “Bear Country”.
  5. Cool camping in hotter climates, all campers are available with AC.
  6. Torsion axles.
  7. Comfortable 5” Covered Mattresses, Queen or Full size depending on model.
  8. Models featuring Side or Rear Galley areas.
  9. Easy cabin entry with oversized doors, we even build a camper you can enter in an upright position with a convenient pull out safety step.
  10. Our cabins are available with 12 and 110 Volt power systems including safety plugs with USB charging outlets.
  11. Power ceiling roof vents.
  12. Keyed Lock entry doors with deadbolts for extra safety.

These are just a few of the features and benefits of our easy to tow comfort campers, for more detail, check out our Tejas and Vaquero models. If you have further questions, email us or give us a call.

Questions? Read our FAQ. Ready to Purchase, Contact Us. Need to Finance? Visit Trailer Solutions Financial.