The Year of the Tejas

2018 –Tejas Grande “Camping Sense”

Armadillo Teardrops has completed the design, production, and extensive testing of the new 2018 Tejas teardrop camper. It weighs a mere 1095 lbs. and has a roomy 5’x10’ cabin area. Although a little larger than our normal teardrop models, its aerodynamic profile and light weight body allow the Tejas to be easily towed by smaller vehicles. We suggest checking your vehicle’s manufacturing tow rating for more information on whether your vehicle meets towing standards. It is a pleasure and honor to offer our customers something unique and affordable in teardrop camping in the Tejas 2018 model.

An important benefit of the Tejas is that it provides significant camping privacy, some new safety features, and requires very little maintenance to get you out camping and camping often. The exterior is 100% aluminum, the interior is finished with professionally applied 100% high pressure laminate surfaces on both walls, headliner and flooring. This combo means cleaning is made simple and you never have to re-paint!

Armadillo Teardrops Tejas Grande
Armadillo Teardrops Tejas Grande

We consider the most important advancement with the introductory of the Tejas, to be in the cabin and bedding area design improvements. The Tejas camping experience differs drastically from most standard sized teardrop products. Campers who own standard teardrop trailers often experience accessing the cabin area requires extra effort to keep bedding/mattresses clean of debris. Removing shoes before entry is the best way to prevent a grungy night of sleep. Most small teardrops share the same design characteristic with the mattress and the door sill sharing the same plane. So, to enter the cabin of smaller teardrop models, it is necessary to sit in the door way, where campers remove their shoes and then slide into the cabin onto the mattress. Dressing and un-dressing in a typical smaller teardrop at times requires a contortionist to get clothing on and off, you might find yourself laying on your back and arching yourself at the ankle and neck while wriggling your legs into or out of your clothing. Add a second person in the cabin doing the same dressing routine and it can get comical. About the only other option short of dressing from this flat position in the smaller teardrops is to slide back to the door way, possibly while you are partially clothed and hope your camping neighbors aren’t watching you dress in the doorway. Sounds ridiculous? It does happen! The Tejas will eliminate these inconveniences and privacy issues, plus provide more comfort than a standard sized teardrop.

Tejas Grande Interior

The Tejas does things differently, we started the design process by allowing for a separate entry area from the bedding. We lifted the bedding off the floor just like your bed at home, allowing for extra comfort, under bed storage, and eliminated the need to ever get shoes close to the bedding surface or linens. The doorway to the new Tejas is not a small squatty entry door requiring maneuvering into the cabin. We added a fold out safety step under the 54”x24” Tejas entry door with safety grab bars on the interior and exterior of the entry. The larger door, raised bedding and a convenient slide out entry step makes it easy to enter and re-enter the cabin area in an up-right position without first removing your shoes. If you decide to change clothing or remove shoes, simply sit on the sofa/bed edge and dress like you do at home. Debris from foot traffic stays on the floor where it belongs and is easily swept from the cabin. But most importantly, campers can sit in privacy and comfort on the sofa or the edge of the bed when needing to dress or undress. It will not require campers to display contortionist characteristics.

Our intentions were to make the Tejas cabin functional and provide for that little extra most small teardrops can’t provide mainly due to size limitations. We engineered our 5” covered high quality foam bedding system to provide for comfortable sleeping (up off the floor) and a true sofa configuration when campers need the real comforts of home. There is no need to convert a table or move pillows into a sleeping arrangement, our bedding system is equipped with a 12-volt actuator that electrically moves the bed from a flat sleeping arrangement into a sofa configuration with a simple up and down electrical switch. We quickly discovered on our first extensive field testing of the Tejas, that inclement weather can trap campers in the cabin for hours. Sitting on a sofa watching TV or reading provides more comfort than laying on a flat mattress in a confined area when waiting for better weather.

Women camping alone will also see the value of safety in our cabin, it has solid walls, floor and ceilings featuring locking windows and a solid built entry door, keyed door locking mechanism with an integrated safety dead bolt. Whether female or male, we all enjoy safety when camping.

At the core of the engineered bedding system is a 12v powered actuator located under the bed frame. With a simple press of a switch the bed transforms from a Queen-sized sleeping platform to a full 5’ couch/sofa. Shifting between the two configurations is effortless and simple.

The Tejas includes features in our standard configuration that some manufacturers consider extra options with additional costs. The power actuator on the bedding system is a prime example, when you come in tired from a hard day of hiking, fishing or hunting, the last thing campers want to do is spend several minutes relocating tables and similar surfaces to convert a sitting area to a sleeping area. Our standard cabins include a 5000 BTU Air Conditioner (110 Volt), please note the A/C requires grid power or a minimum 2000-watt generator to operate, it will not operate on the small 12-volt batteries. For cooler nights when A/C is not the answer we have equipped each cabin with a 12 V Operating Roof Vent with variable IN or OUT air flow. Both 12 and 110-volt electricity is controlled and distributed via a WFCO 25 Amp Power Safety Center. The WFCO power center provides smart charging to the included two 7ah sealed batteries. Our cabins utilize LED lighting fixtures as a power saving feature when off the grid and a 12v or 110v TV/DVD combo. Each cabin has both 12 and 110 power distribution with USB ports for charging phones, along with standard 110 outlets. If you require heat for winter months, it is simple to add a small electrical heater when park or generator power are available or crack a window for safety and use a small Mr. Heater Propane Catalytic heater. Adding heat is a simple inexpensive DIY project. As standard equipment our cabins include a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (low oxygen).

We are often asked the question of what about sleeping areas for our small child or pet? A quick answer is there is room for either as the entry floor area is large enough for a small child to sleep on a bedroll or ample room for a couple of pet beds for your large or small sized canine pals.

Tejas Grande Features
s Grande Cook Stove and Oven

Another common question is where do we prepare our camping meals? There is no rear galley commonly found in our smaller teardrop models. We eliminated the rear galley to allow for more cabin convenience/comfort. The galley has been moved to the outside of the trailer next to the entry door. It consists of a high-density composite removable counter top in combination with a Camp Chef two burner stove with an oven. The Camp Chef Oven/Stove is a perfect fit for campers who enjoy cooking. There is no limit to the comforts of home cooking with this kitchen setup. Kind of like Forest Gump and his shrimp statements, our list of food possibilities goes something like, biscuits and gravy, pies, cakes, blueberry muffins, coffee… the list goes on endlessly, so plan for your favorites because this small cooking arrangement gives you plenty of options. The cooking unit attaches to the side of the trailer and is located over the aluminum fender just outside your entry door, to the left of the stove we include a portable/removable sink for your convenience. When the removable cooking station and sink are not in use, they quickly disconnect and are stored inside the trailer while traveling. Honestly, we never missed a rear galley during our product testing period. For people who would prefer quick meals prepared in a microwave, we have included a shelf, electrical outlet and a microwave. So, when the weather has turned foul and you need a quick meal, the microwave comes in handy.

A few things you might not know about the new Tejas teardrop but of interest. We were in no hurry to rush something to the market, we did not change the general requirements of the new Tejas teardrop model. Steadfastly, we still required the following:

  1. Profile had to be teardrop shaped and aesthetically pleasing to the camping eye.
  2. Lightweight for towing safely behind smaller vehicles
  3. Light enough to be easily moved around a campsite without requiring a vehicle to move it. This makes it easy to place the location of the trailer for men and women who lacking backing skills.
  4. Excessively low maintenance on interior and exterior
  5. Air Conditioning with the ability for owners to easily add heat
  6. An external kitchen arrangement
  7. Affordability to the max
  8. Weatherproof and Leakproof
  9. Capable of traveling all day at highway speeds
  10. Options that make sense and are truly optional
  11. A cabin that is roomy, cozy and comfortable
  12. Cabin area that will accommodate a small child in the entryway area or good Ole Fido.

In 2018 we truly hope you consider the Tejas model for your camping solutions, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the process of creating and testing it, it should last you a lifetime and will be in style for many years.

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