Why The Vaquero Is The Right Choice For You
Vaquero Dual Occupant Weighs as little as 440 lbs
Coming Soon Vaquero Single Occupant Weighs as little as 395 lbs
Towable with Micro Cars, Trikes and Larger Motorcycles
Adjustable Height Torsion Axles
Includes Comfort Features found in our Larger Tejas Grande Model
Simple, Maintenance Free, Lightweight and Comfortable
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Its Not a Box Featuring a Tent

Vaquero: Dual Occupant Base Price: $6715.00

Our newest model is the Vaquero (Cowboy in English). Extra attention was given/taken in the design and building process of this 48” x 88” super light camper. We also special build a 40” x 88” single person model we refer to as the Vaquero 40 coming soon. Depending on how the 4’ wide Vaquero camper is equipped, it can weigh as little as 440 lbs., at this minimal curb weight it is towable with micro cars, trikes and larger motorcycles.

The Vaquero has adjustable height torsion axles so lowering ground clearance is an easy change to fit your vehicle height. It has a small portable 25lbs removable AC option for a little extra sleeping comfort in hot humid weather conditions. The Vaquero is our least expensive camper but has many of the comfort features found in our larger Tejas Grande model. Vaquero can be built with or without a rear lift hatch and galley area. It is available with one or two large cabin doors; two people can occupy the 4’ wide model without crawling over one another for cabin ingress/egress. It is not a box featuring a tent, but a hard-sided camper especially beneficial to our customers while traveling/camping in Bear Country.  We have kept this one simple, maintenance free, lightweight and comfortable.  Why sleep on the ground any longer?

Both of our camper models qualify for financing by the lending industry. If you are interested contact us, we can assist you with an easy finance experience. Questions? Read our FAQ. Ready to Purchase, Contact Us. Need to Finance? Visit Trailer Solutions Financial.

Note to Texas Residents: Franchised Dealer will Collect additional Title Fee, First Year Registration License Fee, 6.25% Vehicle Sale Tax, and provide Registration. No Tax to Out of State Buyers.